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iq testWelcome to a website containing a free IQ test. With you in mind, we have prepared a professional intelligence test consisting of 30 questions. Solving it shouldn’t take more than half an hour. After you solve the test you will receive the result – a number called intelligence quotient. Don’t waste time – take our free IQ quiz now!

What are intelligence tests anyway? First intelligence tests were devised around the beginning of the twentieth century by the French psychologists Alfred Binet. He put together a set of tasks dedicated to measuring intelligence in children still in their school age. Several years later, a known psychologist William Stern published an upgraded version of Binet’s IQ test and introduced the term “intelligence quotient”.

However, Binet’s test had one significant flaw – they weren’t suited for measuring intelligence in adults. In the thirties, an American citizen David Wechsler decided to create his own test, based on entirely different assumptions. Wechsler noticed that the intelligence level distribution in a given populace is much the same as the so called normal distribution (Gaussian curve). He determined that an average IQ score should be equal to 100 and the standard deviation should be 15, so in Wechsler’s scale, an intelligence quotient higher than 115 is thought to be above average; people with their IQ above 130 are exceptionally skilled. The Wechsler scale is in use by psychologists even nowadays, it’s also used by the free IQ test available on our site.

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